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Dust (Review)

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Quickie Life Update: This has nothing to do with reading or books, but yesterday we had a basketball tournament at school! It was our last basketball event this year because after that there would be no more training this school year (as it is coming to an end. July 14th and then SUMMER!) and no more games. And... *drumroll*

We got first place! It was a lovely way to end the basketball-year and it makes me all the more excited for next year :D

Title: Dust
Author:  Sarah Daltry
Publisher:  Little Bird Publishing House
Published Date:  8th October 2014
Rating: 2 Stars

*Thank you to the publisher for the review copy*

Synopsis: In a world ravaged by war and oppressive forces of evil, a princess must fight to claim her bloodright and save her people.

When the princess, Alondra, falls for the beautiful, blue eyes of a hooded stranger, it awakens in her a taste for freedom and an escape from her duty.

But her parents have other plans; they have a kingdom to protect and Alondra must marry to ensure the peace between nations. Only what happens when your parents choose a cold-hearted assassin as your betrothed?

As lies, illusions, and long hidden vendettas surface, the princess has to confront a very secret history. One that makes her realize that she not only risks losing her liberty, but also everything she has known and loved.

Review: I am going to be completely honest. I picked up this one for review because I thought it was by Sarah Dalton, not Sarah Daltry. Umm… honest mistake made there xD In fact I hadn’t even realised the mistake I’d made until I started to write this review. Maybe this tells you something about my character, and maybe it doesn’t xD

I am going to start off this review by saying that this book was very well written. It’s a fantasy with magic, and the settings were described wonderfully. In fact, everything was described wonderfully. So why did I give this book two stars? Because I felt like nothing was properly explained. I was confused by the beginning of this novel, by the middle and by the end. I kept thinking I was reading too fast and missing out on explanations, but when I slowed down I realised they just weren’t there.

It took a while for me to get into this book at the beginning. The names here were a bit weird with names like Seamus, Alondra and Jaynika – pretty foreign to me. And the book switched between Then and Now quite a bit. But those were all things I could get used to.

What I really didn’t like was the main character, Alondra. She heard one thing about a race a people called the Demorians, and then she believed it about all of them. She was stubborn, she didn’t listen to her parents in the slightest or even try to see their point of view, and she seemed so spoiled! I wanted to give her a right talking to. Yes, some things happening to her were unfair, but then at times she was simply intolerable. I couldn’t like her at all. I only want to hear so much about how she’s a girl who has had this thrust upon her. If she was homeless and had no food to eat, she would also have had that thrust upon her, but she simply would’ve had a harder life. So.

Magic seemed to be thrown into the novel and I couldn’t understand how it worked or what the rules and limitations were involving it. There was simply magic, and they used it from time to time but I was lost as to how it worked. That happened quite a bit because suddenly there were things like folds in time, traveling between worlds, talking to Gods and such, even dragons at some point, and they simply popped up. Unexplained. I had no idea where they came from, how they worked, but they were there conveniently in time for the story to progress.

I liked how there was backstory incorporated into their quest and that we got to see some of the past and the events leading up to the one they were experiencing. That made it a bit more helpful for me to understand what was happening.

My main problem with this book was the confusion I felt. The climax (more like climaxes – there were so many!) came and went and I was confused and not able to understand what was happening. The ending came, and the solution and I was still sitting there confused. I just… didn’t understand this story much at all.

When things happened that were confusing/ weren't explained.
But the quote at the end of the story was still sweet enough!

I am sure others might enjoy this one more than me. I just wish it was longer and that time was given for the reader to understand how things worked and what was happening a bit more.

Olivia’s Question: Do you mind not understand everything that is happening in a novel, but only picking up on what is most important?

Olivia-Savannah x


  1. Congratulations to you and your basketball team! You are so cool Olivia, not only smart and beautiful but also sporty!

    Pity about the book being so confusing especially when it was well written and had so much potential...

    Regarding your question: I think it depends, most of the time I like to understand everything that is happening in the novel but I guess it depends on how important it is to the plot of the book.

    1. Aww thanks so much Steffy <3 You're always so nice!
      It did have a lot of potential, and I think some other readers might enjoy this one more than I did myself. I would agree with you as well - it depends on the book!

  2. Congrats to you and the basketball team! Victory dance over here!!

    It's funny that you picked a book based on the author and didn't realize it was another author until now. I don't think that ever happened to me, but at least it was a well written book.

    I like to understand what is happening in the book. I don't mind open endings and don't necessarily need to understand the mechanisms that build the world or how something works (like magic for example), but when it comes to major plot points... I prefer those to be less confusing.

    Andreea Catsfika

    1. Thanks Andreea <3
      I know, it was a silly mistake on my account and I couldn't believe I'd made the mistake xD

      I think understanding in most cases is my chosen choice as well. Open endings are okay as well, especially as they leave me thinking about it a lot afterwards. But mechanisms and plot points do need that explanation, which was what this one was missing.

  3. Congrats on the basketball victory! It feels good when that happens! :D SO EXCITING.

    haha I can't believe you picked this book because you thought it was another author. But I don't blame you because the names are nearly alike, to be honest. :P (That would've happened to me too because I can see things in different ways lol.) Anyway, so sorry to hear you didn't like this. :( The characters' names DO sound kind of weird. And some parts don't seem to be interesting enough, according to what you said. :/ But great review!

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. It was definitely a lot of fun and I was so happy :D

      The names are so alike, it was a bit misleading >> I wasn't sure whether or not to fess up to my mistake on here, but I guess I can tell all my blogger friends all of my mistakes, even the slightly humiliating ones :D

  4. Wow, congrats girl, that's huge. And this sounds like a great review! :-) Well done

  5. Hi, Olivia - I like to understand the entire novel and I like all the pieces wrapped up by the end. So, yes, I think that's important. And hey! Congrats on first place in your school's basketball tournament! :)
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal - Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews

    1. I don't mind open endings too much, but I think I prefer wrapped up ones! And thank you Diane <3

  6. Hmm I don't like to be confused when reading either, but glad there was sweetness and it finally came to gether

    1. It did come together well, but it's just a shame the middle and beginning didn't add up to it much.

  7. Congrats on the victory! :D
    Yes, I agree, I like to understand everything as well. Otherwise it's hard to keep on reading, when you're in a constant state of confusion, and it's just not reeling you in, right?

    1. Thanks Lothwen!
      I am someone who mostly likes understanding. If I am too confused, I just get lost.

  8. Congrats on the win!! Now, this cover makes me want to grab and read this book. Sorry it wasn't all that great for you. I'm still not sure about this one. Great review, as always!!

    1. I am sure it might not be as terrible as it was for me as it is for everyone else! You might still like it.

  9. Hey its an easy mistake to make but at least you got to discover an awesome new author!

  10. Congrats to you and your team!!!
    It is too bad that the structure was so off. It is always weird when the climax happens and the book continues for too long, but this sounds like it rinsed and repeated. I can see where that could be confusing. Thank you for reviewing it.

    1. Thanks Suzi! Yeah, that did bother me, but it was a decent read. Thanks for stopping by :)

  11. I've nominated you for both the Beautiful Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award in a combined post you can see here:
    By the way, congrats on the basketball tournament!! :D

  12. Hate it when I read a book and I'm left feeling like I'm not sure what just happened. But congrats on your basketball win!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction