Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nails: Pink colour

Now it’s time to talk about something I love… nail polish! Last week I painted my nails a bright pink that was bought in Primark. I decided to review it and test how good the nail polish was.

While painting I noticed it leaved little black streaks, and that didn’t go away with a second layer either. But after a while of drying those lines weren’t as prominent anymore, and it looked like the nail polish alone. I did paint two layers and a top coat, so its durability is as reliable as that. The nail polish lasted about three days completed without a single chip that was obvious. It slowly got worse, but I think three days in perfection is pretty good. And that’s going through washing up powders as well (which usually removes nail polish faster.
What I think is great about this nail polish is that you can get it in a pack with three other bottles of nail polish too in Primark for only two pounds. It’s cheap, affordable, and has good enough results. ^^
Olivia-Savannah x


  1. The color looks lovely on you!

  2. It looks like the pink I have but a darker colour. I like how you took the picture holding the bottle like a perfessional. The colour does look good on you. There was one or two mistakes but they were just misplacement of commas. To be honest, you really just sound like somebody who sells products here. You notice the littliest of details.

    1. Thank you! I try my best to be as professional as possible on here. Looks good for the blog ^^