Friday, 27 December 2013

Camel Train Harp Cover!

Hey there!

This is going to be a short post because I'm running over my head trying to pack for my trip! I hope to have some feedback from the trip with you guys afterwards. But it will cross into the New Years, so don't expect the usual Saturday post! Instead I would like to share with you my latest harp cover. I know we all like camels :3

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Happy Holidays!

Olivia-Savannah x

Sunday, 22 December 2013

How to make: Lemon Cupcakes

Hey there Catastrophes!

If you've checked out my latest post of how to be the best babysitter ever then you know I did some baking with the children yesterday! I thought it would be nice to post the recipe so other people could try them too. The results were pretty good. You could taste the lemon, and the shapes were fine. They were a bit crusty though, next time I'll put them in for a shorter amount of time so the texture is nice and fluffy! Right, in the future I will make a youtube video of how to make them if people find that easier than reading the recipe (I know, a lot of future blog post promises!) On to it then:

To make 10-13 muffins you'll need:
300 grams (10 oz) plain flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
150 grams (5oz) caster sugar
1 lemon
50 grams (2oz) butter
225ml milk
1 medium egg
Some jam
A 12 hole muffin tin (or more if need be)
Decorations (small sweets and so on)

For the icing (optional)
175 grams (6 oz) icing sugar
2 tablespoons of lemon juice squeezed from lemon from the main mixture.

*Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius or gas mark 6. 
*The muffins should be stored in an airtight container and eaten within two days time.

Instructions: 1. Butter the muffin tine, or use oil.
2. Sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Add the casting sugar and mix everything together.
3.Grate the lemon, and cut it in half and squeeze all the juice out of it. (put aside the juice you will use for the icing later)
4. Cut the butter into pieces and put it in a pan with the lemon juice and rind. Add four tablespoons of milk and heat until the butter melts. 
5. Pour this mixture into the bowl with all the flour, and add the rest of the milk. Stir thoroughly.
6. Pour the mixture into the muffin holes. Let them bake in the oven for fifteen minutes.
7. Loosen them and cut each muffin in half. Spread jam on the inside of each muffin, and then close them.
8. Sift the icing sugar into a separate bowl and mix with the leftover lemon juice. Spoon the icing onto the muffins and decorate with sweets.

Bon appetite! Video coming in the future. How did your muffins turn out? These are my results undecorated and fresh from the oven:
Original recipe: Fairy Cooking by Usborne ISBN: 9780746056660

Olivia-Savannah x

How to be the best babysitter ever

Hi there everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about being a babysitter. I know quite a bit about it because I have a family I babysit for regularly, as well as some odd jobs of babysitting on the side as well. I'll do a post later on about how to babysit effectively, how to find people to babysit for and also, what you might be expected to do. Babysitting is a common job many teenagers try to do for some extra money. It isn't too bad when all you have to do is watch the kids going to bed and then stay at the house all evening, but what about babysitting in the day? These are some things I would like to address in the future. For the time being this post is about: how to be the best babysitter ever.
Everybody likes getting something for free. And parents especially like having a break from their kids and having some time alone together. Isn't that why they need you in the first place? But a great idea is to give them some time in the day where you watch the kids for free! It's awesome if this happens regularly really, perhaps anything between once every two or three months. The parents will love it, and whenever they need a babysitter they will surely call you.

So what do you do during the day with the kids? A good idea is to invite the kids to your house for a change. They'll be super excited; I know mine were! We did all sorts of things. We made lemon cupcakes (recipe in next post), went to the park, played animals and train set. We did so much, the time flew by. Of course I was exhausted, but I hope their parents enjoyed their time out. It was especially good at this time of year because they got to do some Christmas shopping while the kids were unsuspecting.

I hope you have fun with the children when you invite them round!

Olivia-Savannah Roach

Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Tardis Earrings!

I must admit, I'm a total Whovian!

Okay, not the Whovians who know every single episode title and many doctor who facts or whatever, but one who has watched every episode since Christopher E. began and can do some quotes. And I absolutely adore the show! <3 You can just imagine how pleased I was when I got the tardis earrings. (Well I was sick in bed but I bothered to get up and out, show everyone, and then retreat to bed again. A mighty achievement, I know ;D)

So, pictures anyone? I was excited the moment I saw the package from the Royal Mail!


This is what they look like:

And that's me wearing them! Haha, selfies till the end (more like I can't find anyone in this house who would photograph me in them)
I feel like Christmas came early! Now I will be wearing them during the Christmas DW special when I say goodbye to Matt Smith of course. Although, David Tennant was undoubtedly the best doctor, duh :P
Olivia-Savannah x

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Paramore: Fast In My Car (How to make friends)

Hey there folks! Everyone and everywhere is bubbling with Christmas. It’s in smiles, the last exam you have to do before the holiday and the thoughts of sleeping in. It’s in the snow that covers the streets (but not mine! Hehe :D) the tree sparkling with lights and of course – the gifts as they start to pile up under the tree.

But maybe you’re the Scrooge type, where Christmas is too commercial, too awaited for and you have just really had enough of it. I can understand how you feel.

But what I also find important is knowing the true meaning of Christmas. What are we all actually celebrating? I know many of you do know, and I know many of you don’t. If you would like to, you can read the story here:

Okay, enough about Christmas! Let’s go on to the actual post hm? I want to talk about.. PARAMORE. You heard right! They’re very amazing, and I just got their new album. I’m going to break it down from song to song. Since the first track is fast in my car, let’s talk about! If you still need to listen to the song, here is the link:

The song is actually about the group and how they’ve been through so much together, and still stuck with them. They’re ready to face anything coming their way and they just want to have fun! Personally, I’ve not had one friend that’s been with me in every difficult situation, which is partially down to having moved at one point. But I do have a dear friend who I’ve known since birth, and is a dear <3 I also have a cousin who is practically my twin! And now I have some awesome besties who I love so much <3 That all counts for something.

What happens when you’re best friends move away or you don’t have a bestie? Don’t panic no one is entirely friendless forever. It may be a bit hard when you need to make new friends. What’s important is not to lapse into the ‘I feel so sorry for myself I can’t make friends’ state. Yes, you can miss your buddy, naturally. But don’t go preaching to every single person about it. Join in conversations and be generally friendly to everyone. Someone is bound to notice how funny or nice or unique you are. It can definitely be hard to join in conversations, especially when you’re a naturally shy person. The best thing for that is to join a book club or whatever-your-interests are club, and you’ll be a lot more open when you’re within your hobby comfort zone. Go out and invite others out if you both like the same something. If you like shopping and someone else does to, then go! Same interests are a good key to making friends.

What you shouldn’t do is change yourself or opinions for the other person. If they are trying to do that to you purposefully, walk away. They aren’t the kind of friend you want. If you are changing yourself, just remember that your true personality will shine one day and you might lose that new mate if you are deceiving them.

And finally, don’t forget to try too hard!

Until the next time catastrophes! And the next Paramore track :D

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters DVD (Review)

Hey there my catastrophic buddies! Today I decided I would do a bit of a longer post. I just finished watching a movie, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. While I was watching, I noticed a few things, and I decided to blog about them! Beware though, there will be spoilers! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya ;)

Was this film better than the last one? It really depends on how you are going to judge it. It was more based off of the book this time, which was good. And somebody finally made Annabeth’s hair blonde, as it should be! Thank you! I on the other hand, liked the first film more. It’s because I see the books and movies as based off each other, but separate. I don’t mind how far off the book they go, I just want a good film :D

But during this movie, I noticed quite a few funny things that just kept bothering. It kept me noting how unrealistic and sometimes, bad acting was involved. For example, Percy’s friends always suddenly and conveniently walk off when someone is about to say something personal. At one point Hermes is talking to Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson, and then when he’s just about to say something personal about Luke Percy’s friends turn and walk off! They’re not supposed to know what’s coming, and they have no reason to be leaving. I mean, seriously?! It would never happen in real life. Why do people only want to have heart to hearts with Percy anyways? How about Annabeth?

When Kronos came alive, all these rocks flying around, he was so easily defeated! All they actually needed to do was drag a sword down his chest. So why did no one think of that? Also, all of Luke’s men didn’t have any weapons. But if Kronos wasn’t resurrecting, and it was just Percy and his friends, they sure would have weapons at the ready to capture them. So I don’t understand why they didn’t have weapons around Kronos. I’m telling you, anyone could’ve defeated a moving pile of rocks. I know Kronos said something, but I didn’t really understand him. A deep voice coming from a talking volcano? It shall always be a mystery…

Speaking of monsters, all the monsters in the Sea of monsters (don’t you love how many times I said monsters there? xD) were easy to defeat. It wasn’t just Kronos actually. To defeat the bull you had to throw a sword through its throat… (okay I admit that one is hard). A dog with a scorpions tail is defeated if you cut the tail... the giant Cyclops is dealt with using only one big rock and running power. Gah, pathetic monsters.

Let’s not get me started on Luke. From other movies like the Host, I haven’t really liked his acting. He is okay here. But as a villain? And his cheesy lines. Like, “Percy, it didn’t have to be this way…” or “I summon you O Kronos.” Just get on with it! Less talking and more fighting. However, I will admit he has some funny moments. Like telling Percy to get off his roof. Was he supposed to be say that?

And the last thing I’m going to pick on has to do with Thalia. First off, something to do with the book series as well. If Thalia dying and the tree falling making the safety barrier, then why did the group of little kids need to get to Camp Half-blood before. It couldn’t have been safe yet.

I didn’t really like the ending. Thalia couldn’t remember anything that happened while she was a tree, but without being told she was a daughter of Zeus, she suddenly knows? Why couldn’t there have been an ending like the Hunger Games? Y’know, Thalia’s eyes opening and then dun dun dun music and all that suspense? Instead of well, what they gave us…

I hope this review was helpful to you :D And I hope you go watch the film! If you have, what did you think of it? Am I judging too harshly? Don’t worry, there is Logan Leerman in it, and that makes it all okay ^^

Bye for now lovelies! Olivia-Savannah x