Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to write an deadlined essay

You're probably thinking: Olivia, enough with the essays!

I'm sorry catastrophic people, but I love writing essays. Not lab reports mind you, essays. So excuse me but this might pop up a lot.

I just finished writing my own advice on how to write an essay effectively with a seven day deadline. Of course, it also mentions YWS where you can post your essays. If you post them within deadline time, you can get valuable feedback that can help you. So what if you're not a fiction writer? Non fiction or simply schoolwork works here too. Here's the site for you:

Anyways, my article:

Most of us have to write essays for school or some other reasons. But most of the time, there is a deadline for it. So how do you write a good essay with limited time? Well, usually get about a week, so I shall map out 7 steps which can be very handy for writing your essay effectively.

Day 1: You may have just got the assignment, but do a lot of research. In fact, do all your research and save possible quotations in a document. Remember to keep the links of all the websites you use to make your bibliography later on.

Day 2: Analysis and thesis time. You have your knowledge base, so now start using the information to prove your argument/answer the essay question. Create your thesis (your main point) so that you know what the essay is based around.

Day 3: Time to write the actual essay. You can start with an outline, and then decide the topic sentence of each paragraph. Once you have those, you can easily write what follows in those paragraphs.

Day 4: Write the introduction and conclusion today. Then post the essay on YWS and put a link in these forums! Time to get some outside feedback before you do the final draft!

Day 5: Your day off. You’ve worked hard so far (and you probably have other assignments/homework.)

Day 6: Do the final editing! Take in all the advice, but remember not to stray too far if you’ve been given some guidelines from the teacher. Also, if you need to put your bibliography and footnotes in MLA format then a site I use is . I’ve also heard that is good too.

Day 7: All ready to hand in!

Any steps you think I missed? How much time do you usually have for an essay? Or do you just sit down and do it all in one night?

Bye loves <3 Olivia-Savannah

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